Carson county went blue along with Washoe!! Yay!

Douglas County, where POLEMIC worked had 92% turnout, including 47.39 early and 13.05 absentee:

Obama 10,671 41.20%
McCain 14,645 56.54%


Bush 15,192 64%
Kerry 8,275 35%

There are 14,533 Republicans in Douglas County. That means McCain netted exactly 112 independents. There are 8,308 Democrats, meaning Obama picked netted 2,396 votes from Independents, assuming all the Democrats voted for him. (Based on the operation I saw there, I wouldn’t be surprised.)

The margin in this county was narrowed to less than 4,000 votes from almost 7,000. Considering what happened in Clark County, it doesn’t matter. But if this operation stays intact, I wouldn’t want to be John Ensign.