The Blood Libel About Fannie Mae

So, the new completely unhinged right-wing talking point that defies all measures of reality (that’s a feature, not a bug) is that the Democrats making Freddie and Fannie make mortgages to black people is the reason for the economic collapse.

We’re so far past What’s the Matter With Kansas—we’re simply to the point now where there is a reptilian-brain urge going on in the minds of American conservatives, that, I think is a manifestation of the collapse and failure of their movement. Like HAL-9000, they have conflicting orders and violence is the result. They know they are wrong but they know that they are not wrong—can’t be wrong. They’re so used to winning yet acting like they are oppressed that they simply can’t process losing and being the oppressor.

I just wonder what the fallout from this sub-mental short circuit of the conservative brain will mean. It does make me a bit afraid, honestly.