Go For the Jugular, Barack!

Dear Mr. Obama:

I have a biked home from work on my lunch hour to shoot these thoughts out into the ether.

For many of us loyal Democrats, the best part of your campaign was in your acceptance speech when you declared “enough!” to the last eight years of Conservatron nightmares and promised to debate Bush Patsy McCain on who has the “judgment” and “temperment” to lead.

The last ten days have exposed that Bush Patsy McCain does not have a leader’s judgment, wisdom or temperment, and that he is a lying, immature child who just upsets the board when he doesn’t know what to do and hopes that the pieces land in a manner that is more favorable to him. His “non-partisan” campaign “suspension” was an obvious lie and partisan ploy.  He has done nothing creative or interesting since coming to DC. Bush Patsy McCain is as dumbfounded and useless as a ten-year old boy staring at his first erection.

Bush Patsy McCain and Generlaissimo Bush dirty tricked you into the pointless photo-op. You looked bored and annoyed, because you knew it was horeshit. Regardless of whether the debate is about foreign policy or the financial situation, it should be easy to pivot any question into a comment on Bush Patsy McCain’s outrageous, rash, weird, random judgment that he has recently and continuously demonstrated.

Please don’t expect the neutered barnacles in the media to do this for you. Please be that person in your acceptance speech and the one who sat through the Conservatrons’ meaningless photo-op yesterday. Attack! Expose Bush Patsy McCain for the canard he has shown himself to be.


America is counting on you.

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