Deal? Ha.

Five days ago:

This Congress has no record of showing any backbone. The media has already bought the notion that there must be a bailout, and will criticize the Dems for “playing politics” with this and they will buckle not only losing the fight but again looking weak.

No Deal? Haha. They’ll give them everything they want.

So, Bush’s threats of an economic 9/11 once again scared the Dems into capitulation. According to the news, there’s “oversight” in the bill and curbs on executive pay.

But apparently, there’s absolutely nothing in there for you and me. No repeal of the draconian bankruptcy reforms of 2005, no mortgage cram-down provision, nothing.

I guess I’m glad there’s “oversight” in the bill, but with a Congress like this, it might as well not be there anyway.

I agree that this is just an attempt to run out the clock before we get more bad news. This kind of bailout didn’t work for Hoover in 1931, and did not work for the Japanese in the 90s. So, the Republicans made this up so that if the Dems said no, the fallout would be their fault; if they say yes, things might calm down enough for McCain to win.

We’ve been had.

2 years of capitulation are all for naught if Obama doesn’t win.