You Might Be An Elitist If…

You realize that education and practice make opinions pertinent to those experiences more informed, not less informed

You know what the Bush Doctrine is… or at least think that your Vice-President should

You do not think that having the ability to peruse the land mass of a foreign nation from America makes you qualified to be Vice-President

You understand what the Bruce Springsteen songs “Glory Days” and “Born In The USA” are actually about

Rather than being ashamed of sex you celebrate it to the point that you are actually good at it

You are a man and you are able to both locate and stimulate your girlfriend’s clitoris

You do not mistake ignorance for instinct

You realized that Bush was a criminally terrible President before the year 2006

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, who, I strongly suspect is an *fnord* Elitist *fnord* by these standards.

Anyone got anything to add to the list?