Nilap Strategery II

Three days ago I wrote this:

“Of course Bush Patsy McCain and his Rover handlers knew about the Bristol Bany! Their strategy was to carefully roll Nilap out as an easily emphatic “hockey mom”. Then, once the teenage pregnancy popped out, goad the MSM to, hopefully — if you’re a Conservatron — with an assist from the Obama campaign, pile on to the Nilap’s to the point of ridicule and meanness. The Conservatrons would then use the echo chamber of their theofascist wing, which is so excited about Nilap, to ferment a backlash against the nasty treatment of this “everywoman” who is so lovingly just contending with a plain ol’ difficult mother/daughter situation just like any tough working mom would do! Aw schucks!

The second half of this strategy would be to go ultra-negative on Obama and hope that the Conservatron base + outraged Clintonettes turned Nilapsers + terrified independents would barely get Bush Patsy McCain a 49.5% to 48.9% sort of victory….”

I think I got a lot of this correct. The Conservatrons gambled that their sanctimonious theofascist wing wouldn’t care about a teenage pregnancy from one of their own; and the hypocrites proved them right. {Just imagine if one of Al Gore’s teenage daughters was pregnant in 2000} The brouhaha sucked up all of the oxygen and created genuine drama for Nilap’s speech. Had she blown it, that would’ve been the end of the campaign — that was a huge risk. To her credit she delivered the 36 Minute Hate well, except for when she tried to talk of anything of substance at which point she flailed hopelessly in the deep end. All and all, it was a Krispy Kreme Donut iced with cyanide.

This gamble was designed to turn the election towards cultural issues (abortion) and personality (hockey mom), while allowing the Conservatrons to curdle into their typically whiny crouch and bitch about the media and, of course, avoid mentioning the disaster of the Bush years.

The social issues part of this putsch worked perfectly; where the strategy fell short was with the rest of the Nilap story that was revealed. The history of petty feuds, abuse of power and vitriol undercuts the aw schucks image. The stretches on military experience were laughable. Any sort of “reformer” image is easily complicated by her pork seeking. Like Nixon, Nilap seems to be the sort of person who thrives on hatred and rivalries, at every level she has been in public life she has created enemies. Nilap is the spiteful popular girl who always gets killed first in a slasher movie. The fact that she has nothing relevant to say to people outside of the theofascist wing of the Republican Party will not be hidden forever.

Update: The Kilkenny letter appears to be genuine. It is just one person’s word, but it does concur with my sense of Nilap: