Night One

Family Night was a zesty curtain raiser. What may have been Teddy Kennedy’s valediction was superlative and poignant. Can you think of a Republican who could  offer a similar stirring moment in such circumstances?  Of course not. No Republican has actually tried to make a meaningful difference in Americans’ lives to anywhere near the extent that Teddy Kennedy has. This fact is the crux of what makes me a proud Democrat. The Conservatrons will never muster such a moment.

Michelle scored. The Barack jump in was a little too Twilight Zone and sativa-ish, but the Obama kidlets outshone the trippiness.

Meanwhile, Bush Patsy McCain is starting to overplay the POW card, saying on Leno that this experience okays his inability to account for his domiciles. Rudy 911iuina can turned that horrible event into a punchline. If the MSM ever stops worshipping him, Bush Patsy McCain will do the same for the bravery that he *ahem* doesn’t like to talk about….

So far so good, but I am still eager for someone at this confab to mention Bush Patsy McCain’s support for apartheid South Africa and all of the other legion of examples of his horrible judgment and being on the wrong side of history.