Empirically Time To Act

The race is tightening.

Even if the poll showing McCain ahead is an outlier, all of the polls show that the race is tightening.  It’s because we are getting the nightmare pussy Democrat groundhog day effect.  Obama is not fighting back hard enough.  Sorry. I hate to say it. He’s just not.  He’s trying to stay above the fray.  That’s fine when you have a 20 point lead.  He doesn’t. I’d say realistically he has a 1-2 point lead.

It’s time to attack McCain for his philandering, for his image makeover—why isn’t Obama saying everytime that he misses the John McCain of 2000, the one that people THINK they are voting for.

People were freaking out before, but that was stupid pundits who had no empirical backup. Now there is.

Pick someone who kicks ass for VP, damnit.