Obama Goofs, Again.

Conservatives have Democrats of a certain age group convinced that the way for Democrats to win elections these days is to compromise on what their rabid liberal base believes.  For example, Democrats have attempted to dodge the “issue” of gay marriage through the half-assery of state-by-state solutions and civil unions instead of “marriage.”

The problem with this, and any other number of Democratic “compromises” is that they implicitly confess that their position is wrong. The political process could well work out a compromise just like this, but once you say it’s what you want, you’ve lowered your bottom line, and then the other side just says, “nope, I’m right.”

Same with Iraq, same with FISA, same with Supreme Court justices, etc.  The Republicans had a successful run because they used to have a coherent ideology that seemed to mean something, even when its true effect was the opposite.  But people who didn’t spend all day thinking about it thought it sounded like it made sense and the Democrats seemed to only want to take the edge off the same ideas a little, so why not go with the real McCoy?

So, Obama, who was supposed to represent change, who vowed never to be swiftboated, is doing none of this.  To an extent its brilliant: go after the available evangelical vote if you can get it.

But you get it by explaining why your way is actually better for evangelicals.  Something like, “Leviticus 18:22 [the commandment allegedly against male-male sex] is just one of the hundreds of things God calls on us to do, and it has taken too much of our time.  What about the commandment to love your neighbor? What about the commandment to do justice?” etc. etc.  and explain why the liberal view actually is closer to the Biblical view.

Or explain why withdrawing from Iraq is not a sign of weakness, but a strategic emergency to defend us against true threats, like Russia and China, instead of using our military as a special project force for oil companies, it should protect all of us.

Or ask us to have some balls and not be pussies.  We will give counter-intel and anti-terror forces the tools they need, but we won’t undo what America stands for in the process.  Fuck the terrorists, we can be martyrs for freedom—or are you a pussy? I thought liberals were pussies?  Well, we’re the ones willing to live free or die.  They’re the ones willing to live unfree and still probably die.

Look—I get it, you have to pivot to win in the general.  But you don’t pivot by deflating your base and capitulating over and over.

And, unlike pundits, my sentiments on Obama’s effectiveness seem to be showing up in swing-state polls (Ohio and Colorado) and in the national polls.