L'Affaire Edwards: Meaningless Matters

Predictably, the MSM bloviators and sundry gasbags are salivating over a chance to offer the All American past time of tut tuting non-wife sex while simultaneously celebrating it through continuous discussion. Just as predictably, some will counter that Edwards’ personal imperfections do not mater in the face of the generally good works of his political and advocacy career.

Practically, the dismissers are correct. Evolutionarily, they are wrong. Per “An Evolutionary Psychology of Leader and Follower Relations” part of the equation of both Persuasive and Dominant leaders is personal history. Edwards’ cheating is relevant because it diminishes his ability to lead.

Oh, and sexual infidelity is worthy of destroying a career because by being outraged by it we the people show our superiority to the bad behavior. Lying to start a war for devious purposes is not grounds for destroying a career because in banishing such a leader we would have to admit our complicity in allowing his horrible deeds to happen.

We outcast the leaders we deserve.