If Marilyn Manson is Responsible for Columbine, Dobson Is Responsible for Knoxville

When two students shot up Columbine High School on Hitler’s birthday in 1999, a lot of fingers were pointed. It was movies, music, video games, the parents, the bullies—there had to be some rationale for kids murdering kids. Why there has to be much more of a rationale for that, than say, the senseless killing of thousands of Iraqis, I can’t say.

To be fair, even the NRA was blamed. But it was two individuals that pulled the trigger. And we hear a lot about the concept of “individual responsibility” from the Right. But they sure weren’t afraid to use the Columbine tragedy for full effect against people besides the shooters.

To be clear, I don’t believe in zero-sum morality. In other words, I think more than one person can be 100% to blame for something, or, certainly, more than one person can share blame for something.

In other words, I believe that I personally share some blame for the death of people in Iraq. I don’t think it’s necessarily criminal liability, but moral liability, to be sure.

So, when a guy walks into a Unitarian congregation and blasts innocent people because they are “liberal” and don’t hate “gays” we have to ask:

Will there be any discussion of the hate-mongers out there that create the conditions that shake these nuts loose enough to do things like this? The Rush Limbaughs, the Michael Savages, the Sean Hannitys, the George W. Bushes, and Dobsons, the Pat Robertsons, the Senator Coburns?

I’m pretty sure we won’t hear about that outside of the lefty blogs and Air America. What’s funny is, they talk about exactly this kind of thing and they won’t hear it. Video games and movies, clearly fantasy and fiction, that involve shooting aliens and vampires are more culpable for Columbine.