Obama is exempt from liberal litmus tests but apparently his VP selection is not.

From the man-banshees at Daily Kos to the egg-white eggheads at The American Prospect, Liberalworld is working itself into a little snit over Obama’s potential choice of Sam Nunn or Evan Bayh as a running mate.

This disease presents with two symptoms: (1) an amnesia about the free passes that were given to the candidate himself; and, (2) an afterthought-only concession that the key metric should be the effect on chances of victory.

First of all, the President is the President. If you want to be Vice President, you don’t get to negotiate on policy unless you’re Dick Cheney. If Obama chose Tom DeLay as his running mate, there would be almost no impact on the agenda of the country. So, I find almost no significance in the past positions of the running mate.

Second, Obama got away with bloody murder on a number of liberal issues in the primary. He tolerated homophobic Christians to win pivtoal South Carolina. He has never once voted against funding the Iraq war. His healthcare plan is not universal. Indeed, his path to stardom in the Democratic Party was launched on a vision of “purple” America.

The difference between me and many primary Obama voters is that I salute him for this. Excellent politics! The proof is in the pudding. He got enough people to believe he was really going to bring about a progressive resolution, destroyed Hillary on his phantom Iraq record and won the primary by further convincing everybody that he won after Super Tuesday.

Most of that was bullshit from the minute it came out the bull’s ass, but it was brilliant and it worked. Hillary’s crew was too disjointed and unprepared to do anything about it. And so far, so is McCains. (Ignore the media: he’s winning in both the national polls and the state-level EV polls).

Let’s also not forget his cult embarassing FISA vote. But, again, politically brilliant.

So, tell me. Why on earth would he not choose Sam Nunn or Evan Bayh if his brilliant operators determined that it would grease the skids into the White House?

All of the objectors come up with some slapped-together post hoc rationale why these guys won’t help, but its’ all obviously concocted after the litmus tests have failed.

I can’t say whether either of these two will work or not. That’s why I’m not running a presidential campaign that put a first term senator into a Democratic nomination and then has him 4-8% up in national polls.

Personally, I’d love to see him pick a Republican. Divide and conquer.