Windows Deathwatch 4

An Australian blogger has an article entitled 20 Things That Windows 7 Must Include. He might have named it 20 Things That Windows 7 Will Not Include.

Microsoft utterly failed with Windows Vista because it did not deliver any of the features that interested people that they said would be included.

MS apologists decry that Windows has to work with so much hardware that it’s very hard to write bug free code for the infinite permutations of accessories out there. Linux seems to do just fine. But, even if that was not the case, Microsoft could easily require certain standards to be met for equipment to work with Vista. Just forget backward compatibility. Of course one of the main complaints with Vista is that it doesn’t support a lot of hardware. People should expect that. The problem is, you don’t get anything for the trade off.

When Mac OS X ultimately stops supporting PowerPC hardware, it will be because that hardware is getting old, and because the optimizations for the new hardware will be dazzling and have a real impact on workaday uses, just like the OS X transition did, just like the PowerPC transition did before that.

If Windows 7 doesn’t do something meaningful and large, Microsoft is in big trouble.

I think they might know that, because it seems awfully odd to me that they licensed their mail server technology to Apple for the iPhone and opened up their other standards recently. maybe they are looking for a future in office apps?

I dunno. I just know that I still use XP. On my Mac.