Obama's "Move to the Center"

Thus far consists of not outright rejecting the Supremes’ second amendment decision, suggesting that child rapists should be executed, offering religious groups the ability to use government funding to carry out programs for the social good, and accepting the crumby FISA compromise served up by Team Pelosi rather than fighting it.

The first three on this list are actually not any sort of change. The FISA item is a sad compromise of the sort that legislators are forced to make absent the use of great quantities of political capital to filibuster it.

Obama has not altered his economic ideas, has not changed his position on pulling out from Iraq despite a silly attempt by McSame’s media patsys to morph the word “refine” into alter, and has not changed his health care plan.

The creation and dissmenation of the “move to the center” meme proves how superfluous the mainstream media is in what is, thus far, a general election that is so tepid that reporters need to make up something to write about.