Obama, Clark, and Bloggers

Just so you know, there’s nothing really magic about Markos Moulitsas, Chris Bowers, etc. Some of the things they say and do are incredibly pissantish, naive, and puerile. Kos’s outburst at Obama today shows just what a toddler he really is. Two months ago, Obama could do no wrong.

Did he really see Obama as a progressive messiah? Sheesh. Welcome back to planet Earth.
But I have to hand it to Obama for distancing himself from Clark, while letting Clark stick the shiv in and stick it in good. That is hardball. Kos is either too naive or too pissantish to see that you can just win by heaping abuse on everyone the way we perceived the Republicans to have done so.
Some of these bloggers really don’t know what the fuck they are talking about most of the time, what they stand for long term, or really how to do much other than drive traffic. Would you want that guy calling your shots as a campaign manager?
Many of these blogs serve as a collective vent for suppresed liberal rage, and have long since lost any serious policy or informational use. Some idiot with fancy charts can “teach” a bunch of people about economics, or warfare, or whatever. As long as it fits the narrative.
Just like big media. Only the media bases theirs on what sells, not ideology. Just because the talking heads on TV are retarded doesn’t make many of these bloggers anything other than jerks with a keyboard. Like me, but I admit it and no one listens to me anyway.
I think the older blogs have jumped the shark, and ones that have adapted like TPM are the future. Besides, what will they do when Obama wins and we control the Court and Congress again?

One thought on “Obama, Clark, and Bloggers”

  1. “But I have to hand it to Obama for distancing himself from Clark, while letting Clark stick the shiv in and stick it in good.”The Dominance leadership style at its finest. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Clark’s point, while not polite perhaps, is obviously true. Surviving a harrowing war ordeal reveals plenty about Bush Patsy McCain’s perserverance, but it doesn’t validate his economic policy.Bush Patsy McCain has also blown it by engaging Clark himself rather than leaving it to his surrogates. This elevates Clark and keeps the story, and its inherently true criticism, going.Not very strategic thinking on McSame’s part; which, come to think of it, also reinforces Calrk’s point.


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