So, if because Obama doesn’t cannot mathematically get 2026 pledged delegates, this article makes a convincing case that Hillary is the VP if she wants it. (The article reminds folks that there is a separate ballot for VP, and that some of the Superdelegates won’t say no to her twice.)

Like I said — it’s nut cutting time. If Obama–Michell or Barack–doesn’t like Hillary, he/she ought to think hard about what it would mean for Hillary to be on the ticket without any support from Obama, and having overruled his choice.

If he doesn’t want that, he’d better get his butt in gear and get the majority with pledged delegates.

It’s a reality. He can’t win without Superdelegates. So, unless he thinks a bunch of those guys are going to knife the Clintons twice, it’s time to cut a deal.

One thought on “Obama/Clinton?”

  1. I wouldn’t trust RealClearPolitics. I doubt that the Supers would cut the legs out from under the new leader of the party if he truly did not want HRC as Veep; even if it means POing Team Clinton. It’s all about the 2010s, not the 1990s.


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