Millennial Generation Triumphalism

I interrupt this session of Millennial Generation ass kissing: this generation is not going to be the next “hero” generation, even if we elect Obama in 2008.  It’s not going to be people under 25 that put him in office, it’s going to be people between 25 and 45 that did.  Those are my folks.

Let’s face it.  Generation X got a shitty rep because we didn’t come out perfect with no effort, so, like everything else that didn’t come out perfect with no effort, the Boomers shit on us, and quit.  
Now, just like all grandparents, they really really like their grandchildren, so now they’re saying their grandchildren will be like their parents.
I haven’t seen anything so impressive about this group.  I’ve seen young people having disdain for civil liberties in polls this decade, more than in a long long time.  I see an ever deeper acceptance of material civilization than my group.
And for christ’s sake, their music blows.

One thought on “Millennial Generation Triumphalism”

  1. As far as this election is concerned I still think the key difference is people who were socialized in the 1960s, or largely socialized in the 1960s, and people that were not: Basically those under 50 and those over 50.


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