The Fake Scandal Over Decreasing Quantities

Consumerist is one of my favorite blogs. It’s full of a bunch of good information. I’m glad there’s someone that takes consumer complaints seriously, instead of just dismissing them as scammers trying to get something for free. But sometimes, they are just wrong.

Take this example

So, B.J. Novak goes on Conan O’Brien’s show, cites Consumerist and shows that Cadbury eggs are getting smaller. Consumerist, as you can see on that page, keeps track of people who have been shrinking their products but not their prices.

This, I guess, has the feel of a ripoff to people. So, you pay the same but get less. How is that any different from costing more and getting the same? Can’t prices go up? When gas is $4/gallon, you have to expect prices to go up.

I’m generally very pro-consumer, but people look foolish complaining about prices going up in an extremely inflationary environment like it is now.

If you want to solve this problem, don’t punish the supermarket or the butter company. Get us out of Iraq, get us on sustainable energy, and get our federal government out of debt. (And don’t put up a border fence.)