Primary Over? Misc.

Primary Over. Duh.

Apparently the Olympian Gods of the media have declared the primary race over. It was over in February, barring a disaster. I’m glad that the time was taken to Spitzer/October-surprise proof Obama, but he passes that test.

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure this out: his VP must be someone that appeals to the blue collar white man that was part of Hillary’s base. That means that any prior calculus based on needed to appease women is out the door. This relieves us of the burden of picking from the very narrow field that would require. I’d love to see Brian Schweitzer or Jon Tester, but that’s not realistic. Do we want whatever “national security” credentials are? Maybe Wes Clark fits the bill. Maybe Dick Gephardt, though I would prefer a southerner, not another midwesterner.

Israel at 60.

One fundamental assumptions of Zioinism were that Jews needed a sovereign state with a Jewish majority for security. Yet, Jews are far less secure in Israel over long spans of time than they were in Germany. The Nazis came and went in 12 years. Israel has been subject to wars and terrorism for its entire time. And some instances of terror in Israel were far deadlier than ever most of the worst European pogroms. Though the Nazis killed more Jews, does anyone dispute that the more violent factions wishing to attack Israel would do the same if given the chance? Jews are safest in America, Canada, the UK, and other liberal western democracies where not just the majority, but the overwhelming supermajority supports freedom of religion and basic human rights (at least most of the time).

The two-state solution will probably be tried, but it concerns me. I’m not sure how Palestine is a viable state with a viable economy. What will people think if Palestine as a state declares war on Israel and is destroyed? Is that an intifada or a war? Will the abject poverty there still be Israel’s fault?

Tourism is the only industry capable of supporting Palestine, and almost all of those tourists will be Christian pilgrims, some Jews and maybe a few rich Muslims who want to go to al-Aqsa in addition to Mecca and Medina. But in order for that to fly, they are going to need a few years of Singapore like security to bring them.

I wonder if, after all is said and done, an internationally supervised one state solution with powerful guarantees of religious freedom and powerful guarantees of access to certain holy sites isn’t the solution–that is, if accession back into Jordan and Egypt isn’t realistic.

Those are the only alternatives I can think of.