Knew it was coming…

I know that January might have been in the last ice age, but a highly touted study showing that marijuana caused cancer came out to a full two news cycles’ worth of FNORDs against weed back then. 79 whole patients were used in that study.

For those unfamiliar with this cycle, every once in a while, some kind of study comes out with dubious methodology and/or funding and/or research done by an agency and/or researcher with an anti-drug agenda. Shortly thereafter, another study comes out saying the opposite, but gets way fewer headlines.

As with global warming, anti-drug researchers have become smarter about their presentation. The one in January may not have been based on an agenda other than seeking headlines (same with some of the “objective” global warming studies).

The comparison is apt, because we have finally got to the point where the conventional wisdom is that global warming is real and pot is harmless, but we have this nagging residual anxiety that that’s not correct.

So, well, just in time (three months almost to the day), here’s a study calling bullshit on the cancer link. The time, size, and scope of this investigation are so much larger than the FNORD one it’s sad. 2,040 test subjects versus 79. But, we won’t remember this one.

In addition to the small size, the British study also admitted than marijuana consumption in the UK was inextricably linked with tobacco consumption. This study controlled for that and found that the tobacco increased cancer, but marijuana did not.

One is legal, one is not. One causes cancer, one does not.

God bless America.