GOP attacks

Republicans not buying Hillary hurts Dems down ticket and Obama doesn’t meme.

On another issue, I want to believe that Jeremiah Wright’s egomaniacal world tour this week was choreographed by the Obama campaign to give Obama a chance to Sister Soljah him, but I’m not sure I do.

While I continue to believe that Obama sealed the nomination on February 5, the separate and distinct question of how his campaign has been run the last several weeks, I believe is answered differently. It’s been bad.

A lot of the buzz has worn off. And perhaps the press’s love afair has chilled a little. The numbers are mostly stable, and his base support is still energized. But there is a palpable reduction in the energy.

Arguably, that’s Hillary’s fault: she needs to get out of the race so Obama can get on with it. But since it has now been long established that she’s not doing that, the failure of anyone else to do anything about it has to be in the mix too.

It’s time for Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al. to end this.