McCain 254 Obama 269; ties 15 — Obama wins in House of Reps.
McCain 239 Clinton 289; Clinton wins outright
–April 23, 2008

If those polls are correct and their methodology is sound it’s either an argument for Clinton to get out because she’s hurting Obama. . . or, that the Superdelegates need to support her.

I’m not sure which it argues more for, but I’m pretty sure that the former option is more reflective of reality.

Time to take a bow, Hills.

2 thoughts on “Problem”

  1. Polls are meaningless this far out. If flip flopper, Bush Patsy, anti-semite, racisty McCain ever loses his MSM fellatio he is done for.


  2. I wouldn’t say they’re meaningless–but I would say they’re subject to a number of interpretations.My interpretation of this one is that it’s time for Hillary to gtf out.


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