Nobody Cares

It might be generating some news headlines, and it may even be cared about in PA, but most people are so tired of this Democratic primary that they aren’t paying attention and even if they were, they wouldn’t care about what Obama said. His poll numbers aren’t going to be affected by that gaffe.

That said, people who are acting outraged that Clinton is taking advantage of it are still missing the point. If Obama is going to be our nominee after only three years in the Senate (after a virtually uncontested election for that seat) he absolutely muse be vetted.

I can get behind Obama now in large part because he weathered the Wright scandal. Having this experience in Pennsylvania will only ensure that he doesn’t do it again in the general.

Apparently the report in the Scottsman that Al Gore and Jimmy Carter were going to step in and end the primary were incorrect. Carter said he wasn’t going to endorse right before he went to talk to Hamas. That’s probably a good thing. But I’m not sure that doesn’t mean that he’s not using his influence to collar Clinton.

I really hope that happens soon, because while I think it is a good thing for Obama to be vetted, I think that people are ready to turn the page. I think all of the excitement in January and February is dying. It might be rekindled by a strong showing of party unity.

And if all of this doesn’t work, I’m moving to Canada. I will not suffer Walnuts.

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