Time To Go, Hillary.

Bill Richardson is right. It’s time to unite the party.

(Gov. Richardson is often right. If he had half the speaking ability of Obama, he’d win in a landslide.)

Obama survived Pastorgate. It looked iffy there for a minute, as some really bad polls came out at first. It looked like Obama might have Spitzered. And this was a legitimate fear–after all, he’s never really had to face a tough election challenge. He certainly has now. Sure, the Republicans will go tougher on him, but it’s pretty clear that there won’t be any surprises there. It will be a crypto-racist equation of Obama with Arabs. (Crypto-racist in that it’s a proxy for his blackness and not strictly an anti-Arab racism.)

Hillary is tied with Obama if the Florida and Michigan delegates don’t get to vote. I believe that is a disgusting miscarriage of democracy–the will of the voters is supposed to be paramount. Obamites can’t argue that out of one side of their mouth–against Superdelegates–and then talk about “rules” with respect to these states. It’s sickly hypocritical.

But, reality is reality. Without those states, Hillary isn’t winning. Richardson will hopefully start a flood of Superdelegates calling it for Obama, which could make the remaining primaries academic. Sure, that would be the Superdelegates swaying the race, but they’re going to have to do that anyway.

If Obama had continued to slide from Pastorgate, I think Hillary would have had a case to stay in, but the numbers are stabilizing. April is right around the corner.

Game on.