Blogger Anecdotes About "The Speech"

I admire Obama for his candor, and I think that he made the best of a bad situation by dismissing his pastor’s remarks–especially since those remarks do in fact contradict Obama’s message as well as his own identity. How can we unite anyone if we’re breathing fire at them?

Yet he didn’t completely throw his pastor under the bus. I admire that.

Whether I think that was the best thing to do politically, I’m not sure. Time will tell. But, again, as has been the case since the keyboard kommandos switched from Edwards around Iowa (We’ve always been at war with East Asia!) it’s Obama’s supporters, not his own doings, that are ludicrous.

Flipping through the usual lefty blogs this morning, I read a bunch of anecdotes about how well middle America received Obama’s speech. I read how clever it was to do this in order to deflect the muslim “smear.”

It might have been a scene from a happy ending of a movie, yeah. But in the rough and tumble world of politics, this was done because his poll numbers were slumping, not because he thought now would be a good time to talk about race.

This, quite frankly, was not the response I wanted to see. I wanted to see Obama blast someone for talking about what his pastor said and go on a very long litany of odious things that McCain’s “spiritual advisor” said or advocates. C’mon Barack — if you’re people are telling you what they’re telling me — that it’s “mathematically impossible” for Hillary to win, then let’s go.

Let’s get in the game, Mister.