The Many Stages of Generalissimo Bush

Stage I was “Warren G. Harding” Bush — a mealy-brained corrupt patsy for big business who would have been long dead or in jail if not for the outrageous fortune of his birth. After 9/11 this gave way to Stage II: “Generalissimo” Bush — a hate-based fear and smear fascist-lite that terrified and hectored his way to power and a war for oil in Iraq. “Warren G. Harding” Bush did not disappear here, by the way, there is something corny about all fascistic types, it’s just that Generalissimo Bush was predominant at this stage.

Somewhere oh around 2005 a tipping point occurred in which enough American’s recovered their critical thinking skills and Generalissimo Bush gave way to Stage III: “Late LBJ” Bush — a pathetic cheerleader for a gone war (though I sense that this Bush did not share LBJ’s private sadness over the death he had wrought). “Late LBJ” Bush has been surprisingly effective at killing the clock on his war so as to stick his replacement for “losing it.” More is the pity.

“Late LBJ” Bush has recently given way, incredibly, to “Herbert Hoover” Bush — an almost implausibly disconnected smiler for an economy that is close to careening into near ruin. Bush’s happy dancing is far more disgraceful to the office of the president than any fluid exchanges that Bubba participated in. His insistence on doing nothing of substance in the face of crisis is an echo of Hoover. Where Hoover was actually making a principled if dramatically incorrect stand, however, Bush seems sanguine.

Just when it seems that the case for Bush as the Worst President in American history could not be any clearer he finds another awful archetype to mimic.