Fuck The Methodists and the Presbyterians

The pro-choice, pro-gay, anti-war United Methodist Church, which is a cunt hair away from being in communion with Lutherans and Anglicans, is gearing up to divest from companies that do business with Israel. You see, they’re liberals about everything, apparently, except Jews.

That in and of itself isn’t the problem. The problem is that they haven’t divested from Israel, it’s that they haven’t divested from other countries that do worse. Applying different standards to Israel because it’s Israel is ipso facto anti-Semitic.

If I were alive in 1948, I might or might not have supported the creation of the Jewish state. I really can’t say; but throughout my entire life, it’s been there. The people there are there. Removing them is a classic instance of two wrongs not making a right.

This comes on the heels of the Presbyterian Church having a spokesman telling Jews in the diaspora to “get a life” because they are over involved in Israeli politics. Many Jews I know don’t obsess over Israel because of some abstract covenant in Deuteronomy, but because they have family there. Just as the Arab families who are concerned often have actual family members there. This was after their foot-in-mouth experiment with divestment themselves, reversed in 2006 after a two year attempt.

I’m not so sure that these Protestant groups have skin in the game–I think it is they that only see Israel on an abstract, religious level.

I’m off on the left wing on many Israel-Palestine issues, but I refuse to apply different standards to Israel–or to allow others to–just because it’s Israel. If there wasn’t at least a little bit of anti-Semitism going around here, why wouldn’t this be focused on any of the other dozen or so countries that are gross human rights violators?

Probably because it ain’t PC to pick on Muslims–but Jews are fair game. Always have been.

UPDATE: I got so caught up in the preface here that I forgot my point. These organizations together represent the last vestiges of mainline Protestantism in the US. They are dying because they are living a contradiction. They are trying to reconcile their members’ liberal social views while still trying to feed them their opiate. It can’t work that way.

Pauline Christianity is simply an exercise in getting in to heaven. Either you do the things that get you in, or you don’t. If you continually redefine those things, they utterly lose meaning and undermine the entire purpose of the religion.

So, call yourself pro-choice, pro-gay, ordain women ministers, do all of that shit in your boring churches and all at the same time hate the Jews and you wonder why no one is coming anymore.

UPDATE II:  This post still doesn’t make sense.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that they are trying to create an environment in a church for people who are contemptuous of religion.  They are contemptuous of all religions, but they go to church out of habit.  That contempt is shown in their antagonism of towards Israel and the American theocracy (which is fine, but they don’t do jack against as churches.)
Unfortunately most strains of Christianity are constitutionally devoid of the ability to contain people who don’t like religion.  The people who do like it go evangelical.  The people who remain behind try to engage their liberalism through faux-christianity, which ends up twisted into anti-Semitism, because Jews are, as ever, an easy target.