My Final Predictions

Based on nothing, just my gut:

Rhode Island: Clinton 52 / Obama 48
Vermont: Obama 68 / Clinton 32
Ohio: Clinton 51 / Obama 45 (4% Edwards/Protest Vote)
Texas Primary: Obama 50 / Clinton 49
Texas Caucus: Obama 55 / Clinton 45

At the end of the night Obama will end up with a few more delegates, but HRC will continue to battle on. I think too many undecided are loyal to the old Clinton brand or else will vote based solely on gender for Obama to win in RI or OH. I believe that just enough liberal whites in Texas will be turned off by the “3 AM” ad for Clinton to lose Texas. Vermont was never going to be close.

The only hope for an Obama sweep is that younger voters are undercounted in polling as no one under 30 has a landline; something that appears to have happened in other states.