It's Still Over.

I’m seeing 57-41 as the score in Ohio.  I don’t know what the delegate proportions are, or what the results in Texas will be, but it’s still over.  You can play all day long with the delegate calculations, and it just won’t add up.

The variables are the Superdelegates, Michigan, and Florida.  Obama is going to need around 300 Superdelegates to win the nomination if there are no big surprises.  Before we get into whether a million votes are “invalid” because some the “rules” were broken says they aren’t before turning around and dismissing the rules about Superdelegates, including the nonpersons in two vital battleground states for Hillary, it doesn’t change the math much because she just needs that many more to get the majority.
My best outcome is for Hillary to use her clout to get her healthcare plan in the platform.  Barring an Obama implosion, it’s still over.