A Lament for John Edwards

Where did you go, John?

Your absence forces me to defend a candidate who has lost, and who has gone off the rails more than once, and who took a position that I myself thought was prima facie disqualifying.  Your absence has sent throngs of your supporters into the arms of a man whose true intentions are opaque only to his followers.*  You wanted the troops home, and the trade deals dead.  You wanted universal healthcare, the key to progressive renewal.  What happened to you?
Was it your hair? Was it your Iraq vote? Was it the Kerry debacle? What was it? It certainly wasn’t that you didn’t give a good speech.  It wasn’t that your ideas were not our ideas.  I think it was something else–something even more ancient than the schisms of Vietnam and Monica.
* “Followers” doesn’t include all Obama supporters.  Just the kind foaming at the mouth over at DailyKos.