Jesus Lies!

OK, so Obama or Pfuffle didn’t talk to the Canadian Embassy in Washington. THAT’S AN EVIL CLINTON LIE!

but part of the Obama campaign did talk to the Canadian consulate in Chicago saying that Obama’s anti-NAFTA speeches were just that: talk.

This is a retarded move for a candidate that is trying to overcome the presumption that he is all talk. Now we know even if he is saying something that it’s bullshit.

I guess it just depends on what the definition of ‘is’ ’embassy’ is, right?

Oh, and he wants to make Chuck Hagel is SecDef.

I can feel the progressive movement, can’t you? Shit.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Lies!”

  1. Really, this is the best anyone has on the guy: A disagreement between some Canadian flunky and an advisor over the interpreation of words said at one meeting.Even if true, small potatoes compared to voting for AUMF.


  2. Again, you’re trying to apologize for what Obama is doing vis-a-vis Hillary.Hillary screwing the pooch doesn’t give Obama a pass. Hillary–again–is not the candidate that is attracting all of this “progressive” support (she’s not really attracting much support at all right now). Do you not think it’s a big deal that he is demagoging HRC on NAFTA and not planning to do anything real about it?Oh, man. You know, we really needed John Edwards.


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