The McSCaindal

There is nothing quite like the experience of having newspaper articles written about an organziation in which you are involved with to give one a jaundiced view of the whole process. There are exceptions, but by and large reporters are in the infotainment business and therefore pose issues in terms of martial conflict. They often do not understand what they are reporting on well enough to communicate its nuances. They bring substantial prejudices (sometimes left, sometimes right, usually other) to their infotaining. Because they need two sides of a story they will regurgitate nonesense from people with no credibility. Those who cannot do actually don’t teach; they report on what other people are doing.

So given my prejudices the McSCaindal seems like smoke with no fire, though its perfectly possible that he gave Ms. Iseman a Full Reagan.


If you are in an organization that draws public scrutiny — and the US Congress is certainly such an organization — you have to know that you must avoid even the appearance of ethical impropriety. That Bush Patsy McCain’s aides needed to forcibly distance him from Iseman shows a shocking lack of judgement on his part. This same lack of judgement is apparent in his Keating Fiving and overall Bush Patsydom.

This is not a reassuring pattern from the “experienced” candidate.


Barack Obama General Election Test #1:

Let the McCain story’s sex aspect fester on its own in the media, maybe through surrogates, but HAMMER him on the lobbyist aspect, and at the debate, bring up the Keating scandal again and again.  This is attacking McCain’s alleged strength.
Test #2:
Don’t get baited into attacking Bill O’Reilly.  If the man is going to say things like that, he needs to stay on Fox News.  If they fired him, it would only enhance their credibility.

UPDATE: ignoring whether or not he beat Hillz, Obama gets an A- on my tests at the debate.

Now THIS is bad.

OK, Obamaniacs–I will agree that this is bad. A fake 527 to attack Obama? Now I feel like Hillary is disqualified.

If Obama can prove he can beat this down then I will buy that he can handle the Republicans–or at least he will have shown some evidence of it.
I guess Hillary isn’t interested in any deals or ever running again later.  Ick.

Still Over.

Ok, Dr. Dean… time to broker the deal with Reid, Clinton, and Obama where Hillary drops out of the race and gets elected majority leader of the next Congress, and her name goes on her health plan which is S.B. 1.

The fat lady is putting on her pearls and clearing her throat.  I think she’ll be singing on March 4.

Please Stop Swiftboating Paul Krugman

I understand that people support who support Barack Obama aren’t going to be best friends with Paul Krugman. But show the man some fucking respect, already.

This was the first guy in the MSM with the nuts to criticize BushCo after 9/11. He wrote a book that focuses on how universal health care can bring liberalism back. And so, that’s his #1 issue. So, he doesn’t support someone whose proposal isn’t universal, just like many other can’t support Hillary because she voted for the AUMF, because that’s their #1 issue.

So, I have to wonder what is going on in the liberal Internets when Paul Krugman can become the target of attacks all over.

Again — I have to ask…. where was all of this fervor for the actual liberal candidates in the race: Kucinich, Dodd, Richardson, and Edwards? If it’s not about Obama the man, as in a cult of personality–it must be about his policies, right?



The latest sermon out of the Temple of Obama is that the Superdelegates (who shouldn’t obey the rules, even though Florida and Michigan must) should go with the will of the people.

It’s a great argument.  Problem is, more Democrats have voted for Clinton.  All of those independents who are going to vote for him make up his majority.  
Hillary is a flawed candidate and, despite the machinations of the expectations game, has lost.  It’s over for her.  But if Obama wants to win in November, he should start by condemning his rabid supporters who basically can’t help but insult the intelligence of the 10 million plus people who voted for Hillary.  You’re going to need them–you know, Democrats–to have your back.
Especially if your wife is going to be a walking gaffe machine.

Not Over

Team Clinton has managed to eliminate any expectations at all for HRC in Wisconsin. A victory there, even if a close one does not make an iota of difference delegatewise, begins to change the dynamics of the race heading into Texas and Ohio.

HRC has already used two life lines with the lunar reaction to the crying game in New Hampshire and with the $5 million personal fortune infusion that kept her afloat through Tsunami Tuesday. A Wisconsin victory could well be spun as a sign of resurgence by her campaign and the media and serve as a third life line. Do not underestimate the desire of the talking heads to see the drama continue. After all, Bush Patsy McCain is about as interesting as a bushel of baking potatoes.