Don't be a Dick, Part II

Formerly immune, Democrats like Frank Rich have been thoroughly infected with Clinton paranoia disease.

After a lengthy, clever attempt to analogize Clinton’s primary campaign with Bush’s Iraq War (and therefore Clinton with Bush), Rich states the following:
What’s next? Despite Mrs. Clinton’s valedictory tone at Thursday’s debate, there remains the fear in some quarters that whether through sleights of hand involving superdelegates or bogus delegates from Michigan or Florida, the Clintons might yet game or even steal the nomination.
Give me a fucking break.
What quarters are those? Did “some people” think that? The tinfoil hat community?  The Mellon Scaife foundation?  Or the High Priests of the Cult of Obama? (Who suffer from Clinton Paranoia Syndrome in the same manner as the Scaifes.)
Clinton has lost.  Everyone knows it.  The polls in her firewall states, Ohio and Texas, show her either losing or not leading by nearly enough for it to matter.  Her campaign was a disaster, and it was because she used shitty advisers and didn’t have a plan to contest the election past New Hampshire.  
And so, as a result, she’s still some kind of bogey man that’s going to steal the election because she’s just like Bush?
Again, give me a fucking break.
To most people in America, comparing Clinton and Bush sounds mixing oil and water.  They are symbols of the polar opposites of American politics, not the same.  (Unless of course you’re an unreconstructed Naderite, which Obama people aren’t, right? See post below.)
The worst thing about Obama is his cult.  It’s not even really his fault.  He’s a great candidate that has the tools to succeed, but the rabid froth he instills in otherwise rational people both for him and against Clinton are something to behold.
You won, Barack.  Tell the High Priests to quit sacrificing Clinton voodoo dolls.