Not Over

Team Clinton has managed to eliminate any expectations at all for HRC in Wisconsin. A victory there, even if a close one does not make an iota of difference delegatewise, begins to change the dynamics of the race heading into Texas and Ohio.

HRC has already used two life lines with the lunar reaction to the crying game in New Hampshire and with the $5 million personal fortune infusion that kept her afloat through Tsunami Tuesday. A Wisconsin victory could well be spun as a sign of resurgence by her campaign and the media and serve as a third life line. Do not underestimate the desire of the talking heads to see the drama continue. After all, Bush Patsy McCain is about as interesting as a bushel of baking potatoes.

One thought on “Not Over”

  1. The Clintons are good — good enough to pull off New Hampshire and Nevada–but they’re not that good.


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