Don't Be A Dick

Since all the talk radio I listen too is an Obama echo chamber, and I’m past believing Hillary can win, and instead am focussed on what Obama needs to do to win and consolidate victory, I will point this out.

Either support the DNC rules or don’t.
You can’t say that the voters in Florida and Michigan “broke the rules” and then bitch because “the rules” call for 19.6% of the delegates to be Superdelegates.
I agree the system needs reform, but don’t de a dick.   Personally, I prefer the idea of seating the Florida and Michigan delegates and eliminating most or all of the Superdelegates.  (Well, actually, I prefer a second-ballot Gore nomination, but that’s noguhappa.)
If you’re for rules and inputs processed into outputs, then STFU about the Superdelegates.  If you’re for one person, one vote then don’t ignore the people who voted (at the very least in Florida). 
The last time there was any realistic stress on the primary system the rules were changed for the better.  Hopefully this time shows us that we need to eliminate caucuses and superdelegates.