Obama Wins Most Important 2008 State

The most important state in this year’s general election is Virginia.  It is turning blue.  Obama won his first important state cross-demographically. (Sorry–I don’t care that he won both Latinos in North Dakota.)  This will be a critical point for Obama if he has to appeal to Superdelegates, because those of us who have not yet drunk his Kool-Aid know that his unity rhetoric has utterly failed to be borne out by results in important states.  (Never mind the sickeningly naive “post-partisan” rhetoric–he can’t really believe that, can he?)

Until now, that is.  The Republicans will fiercely contest Virginia–they have no hope without it.  There is a strong argument that the candidate from the Democratic Party that has the best chance there deserves the nomination.  Ultimately, a Democratic win in Ohio makes the electoral math impossible for the GOP–so a strong Hillary win there will make an important point for her, if she can get it.
However, the Republicans will bleed money to contest Virginia.  If Obama can make it a contest, they will be forced to abandon other states which could lead to an even bigger loss.
We’re into blow out territory.
I just hope that Obama uses that potential mandate to pass the Clinton healthcare plan.