Unite Us First, Obama

I fully concede that it looks like through slow attrition or some deal, Obama is going to get the nomination.  But, just as it has for years, his rhetoric of hopeful compromise rings hollow with me.  Does he really think the Republicans will compromise?

Well, I’m happy to be proved wrong.  I’m happy for all of Obama’s prophecies to be fulfilled.
But, the idea that he will unite America in some movement (especially a progressive one*) can gain some proof now: unite the party.  Show me that you can get people who make less than $50,000.00, who don’t have advanced degrees, who go to church once in a while, to vote for him in large numbers.
Let’s just say I’m from Missouri.  Show me you can unite us first.
* Progressives simply did not adopt Obama until Edwards seemed like he was not viable, and for good reason.  

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