A Pop Quiz, A Prediction and Obama

Pop Quiz: Can you, off the top of your head, name any of the presidents between Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Roosevelt?

One hundred and fifty years from now a similar amnesia will strike people as they try to name any of the presidents that presided between Lyndon Johnson and Barack Obama. An HRC victory is infinitely better than a John McCain administration and will be salutary in general. Over the centuries and millenniums to follow, however, it will be just one more boring waste of time adrift in the reactionary stasis between LBJ and Obama or whoever else carries on the gigantic shift in fundamental understanding and experience that Obama represents today and that, should a different candidate win, he or someone else will encompass in 2012, 2016 or whenever.

I loathe Generalissimo Bush and the Conservatrons with every cell in my body. I cannot forgive or forget how he and they destroyed any good that could have come from 9/11/01 (Oh the horrible rotten milk stench of the former skyline being carried over my home!) and turned it into a sarcastic jingoism of hate and purposeless war on 9/11/02. But I have learned through bitter experience in my professional life that, ultimately, fighting and hatred are good for some interests. If they are in a perpetual war, if they have an absolute enemy as their foil, then they do not have to account for their portion of the problem. They do not have to be a part of the solution.

Race is the star stuff of the reactionary pause America has found itself stuck in for the last 40 years. Team Clinton did immeasurable good by holding the Conservatrons at bay for 8 years, but for all of their transgressions the Republicans (even absent the slim minority of Conservatrons — my snarky shorthand for “Movement Conservatives”) are necessary to solve the gigantic problems that America faces in the near future. The enormity of our environmental, energy, and humanitarian crises means they cannot be fixed by being on the winning side of a 51-49 split.

Hillary Clinton was the perfect candidate for 2004. She was the ideal progressive for a knife fight taking place on the terrain forged by the hateful reaction to the legal and official, if not experiential, ethnic equality that resulted from the Revolution of 1960-1968. Whether it is the man himself or just the Fact of Obama, Barack Hussein Obama is a once in a generation opportunity to change the terrain away from the annoying and futile obsession over the long since done upheavals of the 1960s (and 1860s) towards a post-racial America in which these divisions, these divisions that have fueled the Conservatron Hate Machine for so long, don’t mean so much anymore. It is only this America that will be able to lead the world into the humanitarian post-petroleum, sustainable energy age.

Yes We Can!

2 thoughts on “A Pop Quiz, A Prediction and Obama”

  1. Oy vey. You’re really drinking the Kool-Aid, huh?I think he will be a fine president, but nothing he says or does makes him a “progressive.” He’s a centrist, just like Hillary. He may change things, but he’s not going to bring about a liberal revolution, at least with the policies he’s actually proposing now.Actually, he’s a lot like Reagan. His positions don’t matter to people. His personality does.


  2. As I’ve said before it is not the man himself so much as what he represents. Style is a little more important than substance this time. The exception the proves the rule. And HRC has hardly been a paragon of liberalism either.


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