Primaries: I'm done.

I’m glad that I finally got to vote in presidential primary election that mattered. I never have before. But, now it’s over.

Just like approximately 71% of Democrats, I’m happy with both of our candidates. I believe either of them will crush John McCain in November. If you saw the speeches last night, that’s all you need to see–he’s a tired, boring old pissbag that is loathed in his own party.

I voted, organized, and raised money for Hillary Clinton, just as I organized for Bill Clinton in 1992 and just as I did for John Kerry in 2004. But I strongly approve of Barack Obama, and probably would have ultimately voted for John Edwards if he were still viable.

My part is done. I will keep my peace until the nominee is clear and then kick it into gear for whoever it is. In the mean time, I will try hard to keep the two sides from eating each other alive.