What They Need To Do

The latest polling still indicates that no one will be knocked out tomorrow on the Democratic side. I’m happy with either candidate, but here’s what I want to see from both of them if they become the nominee:

Prove you can appeal to independents. Prove to younger voters that they have their 90s history all wrong, and that with Congress on your side, you can make sweeping change. You should also probably make efforts to get Obama on the ticket.

Why are you being so cautious on health care? It doesn’t match with your transformational rhetoric. Appealing to the middle is one thing, but you can’t transform politics by compromising on everything. Precise detail of how you are going to implement what you are going to implement.

My wife’s cousin who is fairly well connected to Democratic insiders thinks either Obama or Hilary would win in 2008, but that Obama has set the goalposts so high that he might have trouble getting reelected if he doesn’t deliver on all of his promises.

I won’t pretend to look that far ahead. All I can say is, I’m very surprised that the left has accepted Obama as it’s messianic figure, who is anything but to the left. Howard Dean was more to my tastes.