Sibelius to Endorse Obama

She’s the logical choice for his “unity” center-right idea, and, as much as Hillary probably needs a black man on her ticket, Obama needs a white woman.

So, the prophecy is fulfilled. Of course, I’m not going to read too much into Obama’s win in South Carolina.

If you seriously think that Bill Clinton is losing his mind and doesn’t know what he’s doing, then you can join the likes of Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, Bob Livingston, Paul Tsongas, Henry Hyde, Ross Perot, and George Bush I, all of whom he pwned.

Sure, he sounds strident, but then Hillary gets to play good cop. Plus, I know we’re all infused with our liberal guilt, but to pretend that blacks aren’t voting for Obama on the basis of his race in large numbers is just plain ignorant. They are and they admit it.

So, unless the rest of America sees South Carolina, a place that can’t decide to take down the confederate flag, as its leading edge, then I don’t think this changes the race much. We’ll see the post-South Carolina polls in the 2/5 states.

One thought on “Sibelius to Endorse Obama”

  1. I originally thought that Obama should think about a female governor as a running mate, though I was thinking Napolitano from Arizona.However, I’ve come around to the view that both Hillary and Barack would need a white male in the VP slot. I think that the demographics of SC bear this out. Obama has some weakness among white voters, Hillary has significant weakness among males. It’s not so much who they attract in the Democratic primary, however, as where people will vote in the general election.From a purely calculating standpoint, you have to ask where Democratic females and African Americans will go in November. There is a chance that they will simply stay home should the wrong ticket be nominated, but must less chance that they would cross party lines. The white male vote, however, is much more likely (in my often incorrect opinion) to support a McCain…probably not Romney, but definitely McCain.Like it or not, we have to admit that there still exist significant gender and racial bias in this country in both parties as well as independents. It’s sad to say, but a black male/white female ticket might just be expecting too much of our electorate.


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