Mitt's Scary Crowd; Voting on Iraq

Bravo to Mittenz for winning Michigan. It looks like we might have brokered convention goodness on the dark side. If Fred Thompson can win South Carolina, and Rudy 9iu11iani can win Florida, we can start seeing that get more and more likely.

Bravo to Mittenz for going on the air right in the middle of Johnny Walnut’s concession speech, squelching him like a bug.

But, and I don’t say this lightly, Mittenz’s crowd seemed like a bunch of cultic robots. They screamed loud even what he said was stupid. They immediately worked themselves into a responsive liturgy at his prompting. Mittenz is a cult–he doesn’t stand for anything except himself–and you know who forms the backbone of that cult.

I most certainly do not want this man in the White House. I prefer my religious nuts to be of the mainline denomination kind.

Anyway, the internals of the results should make it quite clear than unless McCain gets a winning number of delegates, he won’t be the nominee (does the GOP have superdelegates? If so, he needs a supermajority).


I had said that I couldn’t support anyone in the primary who voted for the AUMF. But, I’m inspired by Barack to hope for the future, so ignoring for a moment who did what when in the past, I’m looking to the future.

Based on last night’s debate, there’s no substantive difference between the candidates on the future of Iraq. I still don’t think President Hillary or Edwards would have invaded Iraq, and I still don’t believe that Senator Obama, if he had been in office in 2002, would have voted against the AUMF.

Given that, it sure makes it hard to vote for any of these three on the basis of their Iraq record.

There’s also very little substantive difference on their proposals for the economy, but I believe Edwards would be most likely to avoid future NAFTAs.