Drop Out

Dear John & Hillary:

If you believe what you say, you will drop out if you don’t win in New Hampshire or South Carolina. You are falling like stones in the national polls, both of you. John: more people need to hear what you have to say about the middle class. Hillary: we need your savoir-faire, and that of your husband.

So, instead of wasting money on a kamikaze run against Obama, get behind him if you can’t mount a viable campaign. John, we know you aren’t a very good hatchet man, but Hillary–you would make a formidable one for Obama. Get out there. Let’s take back America.

There is no realistic electoral scenario that delivers the White House to the GOP in the absence of shenanigans. The question is, can we get a big enough mandate to get democracy resurrected.

Obama needs to be battle tested, yes. I’ve said as much. But with you and the rest of a unified, hungry, and popular Democratic party giving him support and a tailwind, he can make it through.