Fear Huckabee II

What is this bizarre lust on the part of liberal columnists for supposedly “moderate” Republicans? Hucksterbee’s central economic plank is replacing all federal taxes with a national 23% sales tax and abolishing the IRS. This tax would be inbeded in every purchase and would somehow mean that a $100 item costs $130 instead of $123 “because $30 is 23% of $130.” Makes sense to me. I’m preparing my black market bananna stand as we speak.

According to Hucksterbee this sales tax will not be harmful to the poor, but a monthly rebate equivalent of the estimated amount that a poverty level family would spend will go out to all taxpayers each month, anyhow. Somehow, the administration of this monthly rebate will be done without an Internal Revenue Service. Memo to morons: the IRS does not create tax policy. They administer the tax policy your elected representatives make — even if it is one as absurd as Hucksterbee’s. Abolishing the IRS will do nothing more than destroy several thousand living wage jobs.

Between his troglodyte Creationist “faith” and his not even half-baked economic policy Hucksterbee is just as much of a Theocratic Royalist as Generalissimo Bush. Just because he’s amusing and a little annoying to Conservatron encrustations does not make him any sort of change agent or the vanguard of a less venal and hateful brand of Republicanism. He’s every bit as fake as Romney, only much shrewder.