WTF Obama?

It’s taken a while, but one of the Democrats has finally offended me on substantive grounds, as opposed to my assessment of their chances or efficacy.

First Obama attacked Paul Krugman. He didn’t just disagree with Prof. Krugman, he put out a fucking oppo research sheet on him. This is the very triangulation he accuses Hillary of.

Second, Obama attacks John Edwards as a “trial lawyer.” Another Republican talking point! And it was done just as Edwards started going up in the polls. So, like a Republican, he attacks–that’s good, but using Republican talking points? It’s sick, but it’s also stupid. Last I checked, this is still a Democratic primary.

Third, his spokesman literally tried to assign a portion of the blame for Benezir Bhutto’s death to Hillary Clinton, because she voted for the AUMF. I will never forgive anyone who voted for the Iraq AUMF. Obama wasn’t in the Senate at the time. He was in the State Senate representing a Southside Chicago district I used to live in. When he was there, he was anti-war, because, well, probably 90% of the district was. On this record can anyone credibly believe he would have voted against the AUMF? Very few of his votes in the Senate have been that courageous. As for Hillary, any vote against the use of military she makes leaves her vulnerable because she is a woman. That explains her vote for Kyl-Liebermann. But if you seriously think Hillary would have invaded Iraq, or will invade Iran, you’re delusional.

Obama’s attacks on Hillary have also touched on Bill from time to time.

Fourth, he attacked Al Gore. (He also attacked John Kerry, but that doesn’t bother me). Except possibly for Bill Clinton, Gore is the most beloved Democrat by Democrats. So, again, it’s not only sick but stupid. Obama accused them of being too divisive. And as Brad DeLong points out, didn’t Gore win his election (at least popularly, and in truth in all ways)?

So, Obama has attacked all of the following people who are beloved to Democrats in this decade: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards, John Kerry, and Paul Krugman–and not just over disagreements, but with Republican talking points.

I sure hope Hillary shoves it up his ass th next time he accuses her of triangulation. Honestly, I think this also has to rule him out of the VP slot.

Clinton/Ford (who is now less odious to me than Obama)


Oh, I forgot Obama’s use of social security FUD and association with “recovered gay” ministers. This guy is something else, isn’t he?