Gore 2008: It's Over

If you weren’t going to announce your candidacy for president when you won an Oscar, when might you do it? When you won the Nobel Peace Prize? Yeah. That’s just about the best opportunity you can get.

But the reason Gore won’t run–which should be clear now even to big-time Draft Gore supporters like me–is not because of the pain of 2000. It’s because of Hillary. She’s crushing everyone. And comparing her to Howard Dean is ridiculous. Dean was unfairly treated by the media, yes, but he was a walking gaffe machine, and his organization was very experimental. Hillary’s is totally establishment.

Hillary probably won’t falter unless people freak out at the very last minute. Also, it’s not “early” any more. We’re looking at voting in just over two months. And this campaign got an early start as it was. The voters have had a look at John Edwards again. I think people resonate with his message but aren’t confident of his execution. Obama says great things too. People like him, but I think his high-flying rhetoric is just that… and it also raises questions of execution. How will he do all of that utopian shit?

Hillary? Well, she can trade on the warm memories we have of the 90s. Some of them are fake, just like how people pretended how great the 50s were. It’s just that the 60s were strenuous on the national psyche, just like this decade. There were problems in the 90s, but most people would take the throwback. Nixon was Vice-President in the 50s… Hillary was libeled as the Co-President in the 90s. Makes sense.

And the Gores and Clintons aren’t very close anymore. Gore people are mad about Monica. Clinton people say Gore blew it (too). They’re both right, but I wish they could come together on this.

So, here’s what I’m hoping for. And it’s probably way over the top. But the 22nd Amendment doesn’t apply to Vice Presidents. I say, Clinton/Gore 2008.