Another Step Towards Fascism

The Petraeus Puppetshow was a classic Conservatron sideways shot. The faux Troopergate story in the early Clinton years, for example, was supposedly about the misuse of Arkansas State Troopers, not smarmy sex innuendos. Of course, appropriating the good government angle was really just a way to puff up the salacious smear. So too was the Petraues report an apolitical vehicle to make a political point. The entire Conservatron Hive Brain has been repeating, “wait for General Petraeus” for several months. Generalissimo Bush used his testimony as the centerpiece for a week of media stunts starting with a “surprise” visit to Iraq and punctuated by an Oval Office address. Was there ever any doubt that the thrust of Petraeus’ testimony would be “stay the course”? His own credibility desecrated, Generlissimo Bush hid behind the dehydrated rooster visage and vastly overrated Princteon pedigree of his latest patsy to cynically drag out his chuckleheaded war until a real President takes over in 2009.

The MSM got its panties wet enough over this one to let ‘ol Fratty Frat George give them one more Rohypnol fuck for old times sake; but the public at large seems to have the horse sense to know politics for politics regardless of the clothes of the politician. The standing and elemental debate surrounding the Iraq War has not changed. Even the jellyfish cartilege in the Congressional Democrats’ spine has solidified enough to not wuss out on their Iraq measures.

The blurring of the line between military man and politician is what is disturbing about the Conservatron’s latest ploy. In this case the policy is so flawed, and Generalissimo Bush is so transparently disingenuous to everyone but the Washington Press Crops, that military prestige could not carry the day. Like Powell, Greenspan and the rest of the pathetic Bush Patsies before him Patreus seems content to have forever squandered his credibility to the worst President in American history and will skitter out of the limelight like the final phlegm ball from a nasty cold. The next Politico-General may not be so sanguine about surrendering his power.