Quick Hits

  • Microsoft has temporarily lost its attempt to get its OOXML format certified as an international standard. OOXML is not truly open as it stands right now. Do you really want your data–data that you’re supposed to be keeping available forever–controlled by gatekeepers in Redmond? I don’t. Even if Microsoft’s ham-handed attempts to bribe ISO members into voting in their favor won’t matter. ISO’s imprimatur won’t convince serious data managers to fall for this.
  • I saw another report of another general saying the “next few months” in Iraq are going to be critical. Why is that still being printed?
  • What’s with the Iran noise? I’m not sure what will happen if they really go through with that. Part of what a lot of left wing paranoids don’t get is that there are limits. Bush isn’t doing anything that he hasn’t been allowed to do by the opposition and the media elite. The blame isn’t zero sum, it’s not just Bush’s fault. . . but those powers permitted everything that’s happened so far. Has he done anything without at least some Democratic complicity?