The Move to Linux

I’ve been using computers for 25 years, at least. I’m somewhat of an expert.

Which is why it’s frustrating that it took me all day to get what is supposed to be the easy Linux up and running with full functionality. I like Ubuntu a lot, and it ran wonderfully as a virtual machine, but running it on the bare metal presented a few problems.

On my standard, bought at Costco HP laptop, here were the things I noted:

(1) Couldn’t automatically get my nVidia drivers installed. wtf?
(2) Installed touchpad driver automatically, but not control panel for it. wtf?
(3) Doesn’t come with the standard c and c++ libraries installed. This is UNIX?
(4) Keeps trying to read the install CD for packages, and won’t stop until I text edit a file.
(5) It’s still a pain in the ass to install software sometimes. Everything should be GUI installable, no matter which Linux you have.

There is still simply too much text file editing and command line mode stuff for this to be ready for prime time. You almost never have to touch the command line in Mac OS X, yet it’s just as much of a UNIX–more even–than Linux.

Keep working, Ubuntu–you’re almost there.

2 thoughts on “The Move to Linux”

  1. You only say you are trying Ubuntu. You don’t mention which one/version. Hopefully you are not trying to install one of the Beta versions. So presumably you are trying Ubuntu Desktop Edition 7.04. Well, there are good reasons there are more than one Linux. In fact Ubuntu is not even the highest rated according to Distrowatch. I don’t put a lot of faith in their numbers but they should at least make people want to consider the highest rated. They should also consider anything in the top ten actually. I don’t know what the cure is for your computer ills, but I do know you have at least 9 other distros that would love to try to ease them.Richard Chapman


  2. I’ve used many, many Linux distros over the years. As far as what works for me? That’s irrelevant. I prefer the command line sometimes. My favorite OS is still Mac OS X, and I also like BSD and Solaris for certain purposes.But Ubuntu is supposed to help us kill Microsoft. To do that, it needs to be easier than it is. It’s almost there. Just a little bit mo’.


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