STFU: Elissa Harris-Lacewell (sp?)

I usually count on Republicans to say stupid shit that makes me pissed. I almost never expect it on Bill Moyer’s Journal.

But when Ms. Princeton professor opined that Katrina was more important than Iraq–not in a metaphorical, search for our national soul kind of way (with which I would still disagree)–but in an honest, serious, future implication concrete way.

You have to be fucking kidding me. Ms. Lacewell made a lot about her black heritage (she mentioned it about as many times as Rudy mentions 9/11), but it pretty much sounded to me like that’s all she cared about. I am not making light of Katrina, but Iraq is a incipient genocide of almost 1m people created by our willful choice, not our negligence. It is several orders of magnitude grander in scale, just in terms of deaths. It is an event that has destabilized the entire world–billions, not hundreds of thousands. Iraq, I believe, is the beginning of the end of Greater America. This would be similar to me saying that the bridge collapse in Minneapolis is worse than Katrina. It too was bad, and reflects a lot of bad shit about America, but it’s scope and scale are minuscule compared to Katrina.

As if that wasn’t self-centered, ethnocentric, ignorant, and narrow enough, she went on to blame the Democrats for making Iraq the most important issue instead of Katrina.

Never mind that that’s what people FELT was important! No, they should have taken Katrina more seriously.

That Democrats-aren’t-doing-good-enough shit is the same thing that’s elected every Republican since Nixon, and they do worse. When we had Clinton, every natural disaster and terrorist attack was responded to, places were rebuilt, and people were prosecuted (even executed) without repealing our Constitution. But, hey, they passed welfare reform, so let’s elect Republicans. That’s the logic of a spoiled brat child.

If you’re so politically naive, then don’t talk politics.